Angelica essential oil

Angelica essential oil

(Angelica Archangelica)

Angelica is distilled from the seed and root and has soothing aromatic qualities that help create a relaxing environment. It has been referred to as the “oil of angels,” in part because of its calming aroma.

Archangelica comes from the Greek word “arkhangelos” (=arch-angel), as folk lore thought it’s healing powers were so strong that they must be from divine origin.  Another explanation of the name of this plant is that it blooms on the day of Michael the Archangel (May 8, old style), and is on that account a preservative against evil spirits and witchcraft: all parts of the plant were believed efficacious against spells and enchantment. It was held in such esteem that it was called ‘The Root of the Holy Ghost.’

Today, diffusing this blend helps to dispel negative emotions and bring about feelings of peace and spiritual awareness.  It is an important ingredient in Awaken, Forgiveness, Grounding and Surrender essential oil blends.


How to use: For aromatic or topical use.  Diffuse, inhale, or add to bath water.  Apply to crown of head, back of neck, behind ears or inside wrists.  Possible skin sensitivity.

  1. Inhale straight from the bottle to help release negative emotions.
  2. Diffuse to foster a soothing, calming environment.
  3. Unwind by adding a few drops to an Epsom salt bath.
  4. Meditation: Use during meditation to increase spirituality.


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*Disclaimer: I provide my personal opinion and experiences with essential oils, and I am not endorsed by the Young Living Corporation. None of what I talk about on this site has been evaluated by the FDA, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am not a registered physician and I encourage you to discuss your health concerns with your own doctor. I simply share resources and tools based on my own personal experiences.


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