Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil

(Citrus sinensis)

topical aromatic

Orange essential oil is cold-pressed from the rinds of oranges and has a juicy aroma reminiscent of the fresh fruit.  Orange essential oil is used aromatically and topically while Orange Vitality essential oil is a dietary supplement and therefore can be ingested.
Orange (Citrus aurantium dulcis) essential oil has a sweet, floral aroma that may be calming and bring feelings of inspiration. This beloved oil is an important ingredient in many Young Living products, including Abundance™, Peace & Calming®, Citrus Fresh™, Christmas Spirit™, Harmony™, and Awaken™.
With its bright, citrusy aroma, Orange essential oil is a great choice for diffusing in the morning and throughout the day. Not only does its scent help clear the mind, but Orange essential oil may also help eliminate unwanted odors. When mixed with a light moisturizer and applied to the skin, Orange essential oil may help reduce the appearance of blemishes.
wake up

How to use: For aromatic or topical use.  Diffuse, inhale, or add to bath water.  Apply to crown of head, back of neck, behind ears or inside wrists.  Possible skin sensitivity.

  1. Refresh your mind and spirit in the morning by adding a little Orange essential oil to V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex and applying it to your neck, shoulders, and feet.
  2. Mixed with a light moisturizer, Orange essential oil may help reduce the appearance of blemishes. Dab and gently massage into areas of concern in the evening. Avoid morning application, as citrus oils may cause photosensitivity.
  3. Add to your favorite cleaning products for a burst of sweet citrus.
  4. Diffuse in the morning for an inspiring burst of citrus aroma.  I love to diffuse it with En-R-Gee essential oil blend!
  5. Depending on what you choose to blend with it, Orange is a great seasonal scent for both warmer and cooler months. Diffuse Orange with Lime, Lemon, or Tangerine for a sunny warm-weather scent, or diffuse it with Cinnamon and a hint of Clove for a festive smell perfect for the holidays.
  6. Even clean linens may need a little freshening. Combine 8–10 drops with distilled water or witch hazel in a small spray bottle and spritz over linens and in closets to keep your sheets, towels, and clothes smelling great.
  7. Diffuse Orange essential oil in your children’s play areas. They’ll love the sweet, playful scent!

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*Disclaimer: I provide my personal opinion and experiences with essential oils, and I am not endorsed by the Young Living Corporation. None of what I talk about on this site has been evaluated by the FDA, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am not a registered physician and I encourage you to discuss your health concerns with your own doctor. I simply share resources and tools based on my own personal experiences.

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