Palo Santo essential oil

Palo Santo

(Bursera graveolens)

topical aromatic

Palo Santo is native to South American and comes from the same botanical family as Frankincense.   It is known in spanish as Palo Santo meaning “Holy or Sacred Wood”. Inhale Palo Santo essential oil to enjoy its inspiring and uplifting fragrance, or diffuse for a cleansing and refreshing atmosphere. This oil can be used for massage after activity, and includes the naturally occurring constituents limonene and alpha-terpineol. Palo Santo is an important ingredient in Transformation™ essential oil blend.

Let’s be honest: There are negative influences that bombard our self-image every day. We all have one thing we would like to change about our bodies, career, home, school, etc.  Palo Santo can help you ward off those negative thoughts.

palo santo

How to use: For aromatic or topical use. Diffuse, inhale, or add to bath water. Apply to crown of head, back of neck, behind ears or inside wrists. Possible skin sensitivity.

There are a few easy steps to think about while you are applying Palo Santo:

  • Be Accepting—As you apply Palo Santo, the most important thing to remember is to accept yourself.
  • Focus on the Positive—Setting positive goals is a great way to keep perspective. Realize that you might not be where you want to be yet, but you certainly are stronger.
  • Take Time for You—After applying the oil, go out for a walk, to the gym, or just take time to relax.
  • Self ImportanceYou need to appreciate yourself for who you are and not let yourself get caught up in the world’s fad of always having to be perfect.
  • Find your Zen – diffuse Palo Santo while you meditate or just take time to sit and reflect.
  • Let it go – as you release tension from your muscles with an after workout rub down, use Palo Santo to release negative thoughts as well.
  • Unplug – stop the glorification of busy!  Eat your meal with any electronic devices or go for a walk outside.  Dab a few drops of Palo Santo on your wrists before you do.

Palo Santo microcompliant

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*Disclaimer: I provide my personal opinion and experiences with essential oils, and I am not endorsed by the Young Living Corporation. None of what I talk about on this site has been evaluated by the FDA, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am not a registered physician and I encourage you to discuss your health concerns with your own doctor. I simply share resources and tools based on my own personal experiences.

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