10 uses for Brain Power™ essential oil

Brain Power™

topical aromatic

A member-favorite blend with a rich, invigorating scent, Brain Power™ is perfect for inhaling or diffusing to enjoy its uplifting aroma in the home, office, or on the go. Apply Brain Power topically to moisturize the skin and enjoy its inspiring scent. Formulated with Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Melissa, Blue Cypress, Lavender, and Helichrysum essential oils, this blend includes the naturally occurring constituents cedrol, alpha-pinene, guaiol, and linlool.

brain power compliant micro

Brain Power™ gives your brain a boost with essential oils that are high in sesquiterpenes. Use it to clarify thought and develop greater focus.

“these essential oils all contain sesquiterpenes. Sesquiterpenes are C15 carbon chains that do not contain oxygen molecules, but mysteriously pull oxygen in. So wherever sesquiterpenes are found, oxygen will always come and attach to it.

When we have an oxygen deficiency in the brain, we will have problems in dealing with day-to-day stresses, making correct decisions and feeling self-motivated. In studies that were conducted at Berlin and Vienna universities, it was de

termined that breathing sesquiterpene oils increases blood brain oxygen.” ~Gary Young Blog Post


How to use: For aromatic or topical use. Diffuse, inhale, or add to bath water. Apply to crown of head, back of neck, behind ears or inside wrists. Possible skin sensitivity.

  1. Mental Clarity:  Apply Brain Power to help calm the senses and increase mental acuity
  2. Motivation/goal setting:  Whether it be work, home, or play, setting goals motivates us to succeed.  Use Brain Power to give clarity to what you want your future to hold.
  3. Writer’s Block:  Hit the proverbial brick wall?  Apply some Brain Power and watch the flood gates open!
  4. Concentration:  You or your child easily distracted by the world around you?  use Brain Power to help focus your attention and keep your brain from wandering.
  5. Work: Does your brain need a boost to get through the day’s tasks?  I know mine does – routinely.  Apply brain power to help you focus and be more productive with your day.
  6. Brain Storming:  Give your brain storming more imagination and more focus with a dab of Brain Power at the base of your neck.
  7. Studying:   Studying for a class or for work requires focus and attention to detail.  Who couldn’t use a little bit of help with Brain Power?
  8. Absentmindedness:  Use Brain power to boost your memory and your ability to retain information.
  9. Increased alertness: Need to stay mentally sharp during a boring task?  Brain Power will be your new best friend.
  10. Memory: Apply Brain Power to help maintain your brain’s ability to retain information.

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Disclaimer: I provide my personal opinion and experiences with essential oils, and I am not endorsed by the Young Living Corporation. None of what I talk about on this site has been evaluated by the FDA, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am not a registered physician and I encourage you to discuss your health concerns with your own doctor. I simply share resources and tools based on my own personal experiences.

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